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“Like it or not, the work that occupies most of our time also occupies our minds, and as a result, we see the people around us as an assortment of hairstyles, car owners, or various states of health” (Turchi 139)

I find this passage to be very interesting because it holds true for me personally.  Everyone has their own routine that they follow each and every day, and often times we see the exact same people on our daily journeys.  For example, when I walk into Life Sports Center for Wrestling practice every day, I see the same mix of 3 or 4 people that work the desk there, I say hello to them, there’s an older woman named Jeannette, a student who plays Lacrosse, or an older Gentleman who checks us in for the morning lifting at 6 am.   What’s most interesting is that this is how I remember these people, outside of a few niceties, I don’t know much more about them, they are simply relevant to me because of the crossing of our daily journeys, but we each go about our separate lives every day, and I remember them on a physical, yet superficial basis.

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